Finishing Welding

Cut, Weld & Now Grommet on the same machine!

BIG recently installed the 75' long "112 Extreme Welder" from Miller Weldmaster, which included the latest option for the "Easy Slide Grommet™". This all-in-one unit was developed to reduce finishing time and labor for the finishing of banners. We can now combine all finishing stations into one general area, greatly reducing time and material handling. The Easy Slide Grommet™ was built in conjunction with the 112 Extreme’s slide track, enabling the operator to easily slide the automatic grommet unit in and out where and when needed for the finishing of signs and banners. The material-guiding device, as well as the auto-feeding grommet system will allow the operator to work with speed and precision.

112 Extreme Weld Types

Flat Weld

Weld with Pocket

Weld with rope

Overlap Seal

Backlit Seal

Truck side beading