Screen Printing

Screen-Printing offers an economical alternative to digital printing when printing larger runs of hundreds or thousands. Although there is considerable set-up required (compared to digital) it is much faster than digital once production has started. It is also considered when fewer colors are needed based on the projects design or overall requirements. Having said that more and more projects are being run digitally. Factors like little or no required setup, lowered production runs and the ability to print full color is slowly moving more items away from screen.

Textile Screen Printing:

This process of printing on fabric garments, most commonly t-shirts. We color match the output from the digital items printed so that the overall campaign looks transparent across all printed items.

Graphics Screen Printing:

Prints and cures up to six colors simultaneously. Since substrates don’t need to be dried and stacked between colors, they don’t have to be handled repeatedly. Primarily used for POP, Real Estate, Political and other forms of mass-produced images.